10 Practical Use Cases for Next.js

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Next.js is a powerful React framework that has gained a tremendous amount of respect in the web development community over many years. It is completely open-source and supports both static site generation and server-side rendering techniques. Vercel, the team that maintains Next.js, also provides a tremendous tooling platform for deploying Next.js applications and has an extremely generous free tier that gives enough bandwidth to support an incredible amount of web traffic.

Because of its flexibility and incredible speeds, it can be used as a springboard to power almost any type of digital experience on the web. Below are some practical examples of how Next.js is being used today on the web.


React Libraries Working On Laptop

Next.js is the perfect pairing for ecommerce sites. When new products need to be added to a storefront, or product information needs to rapidly change, Next.js can handle all of the traffic your throw at it, even while you update content in real-time.

Marketing websites

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Enterprise websites, portfolio sites, not-for-profits, and advertising agencies are just a small handful of the perfect candidates for a Next.js app.


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Because of the way Next.js handles incremental static regeneration and blazing fast content delivery, it is the ideal tool for distributing blog content and optimizing SEO.

Entertainment Platforms like Netflix, TikTok, Nintendo, and Twitch

Netflix On Tablet

Some of the biggest names in the business use Next.js to power their web experiences to millions of customers every single day.

Community-driven web apps

Touch Screen Kiosk

Applications that have content and new pages created frequently benefit from the flexibility of static page delivery, incremental static regeneration, and server-side rendering.

News apps

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Next.js is a great choice when the timing of content delivery is the number one priority of your digital product.

Documentation websites


Building community and driving sales to your software product can begin with a great developer experience.

Booking Apps

Booking App On Smartphone

Next.js is great for dynamic apps such as travel ticket commerce, concert ticket sales, and anything that demands real-time updates.

Auction Sites

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For experiences that demand instant content delivery, Vercel’s Edge Network delivers your application to customers as fast as possible, no matter where they are located in the world.

Information Hubs

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No matter where your app’s content is coming from, Next.js can handle just about any data source you throw at it.

At Stack Five, we use Next.js every day to build and deliver incredible digital experiences across countless industries. If you’re interested in learning more or would like to discuss how we can help bring your digital products to life please contact us.

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