React.js The Documentary by Honeypot

React.js: The Documentary [OFFICIAL TRAILER]

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If you're a React nerd like us (and we assume that you are since you're here), then check out this trailer for the real story behind the rise of React.js!

During the proliferation of JavaScript libraries in the 2010s, I remember first hearing about this new library called React from Facebook. And then all of a sudden, it was everywhere. In the span of 3 years, I went from working on jQuery apps to Angular apps to React apps. And since jQuery, React has been the longest-standing library in my developer toolkit.

I'll definitely be staying tuned to watch this documentary when it drops!

Description from the channel:

These days, React is everywhere – even the Honeypot team uses it! But were you paying attention a decade ago when React was first open-sourced? The JavaScript community didn’t just have a bad reaction, they couldn’t believe this project had any future. And boy howdy did the conversation get snarky. If it wasn't for a small group of passionate developers at (what was then) Facebook, React might not have seen the light of day. In this documentary, we’ll take you back to the origins, right to the moment when 'Rethinking Best Practices' got real. We'll show you how React went from 'indie-rebel alliance project' to the most popular UI framework in the world. Hear the story from the star engineers who were there to see all the twists and turns. A thrill-filled roller coaster or an atmospheric slow burn? Only our documentary will tell. React.js: The Documentary will premiere on this channel in February 2023. Sign up here if you want to be notified:

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